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My approach



The benefits of Sophrology

Sophrology is a real life solution and guide to mental, physical and emotional balance and well-being. It's the art of relaxing the mind & body, in order to revise the way we react creating lasting positive change. 

​As a self-development practice, sophrology will enable you to learn new tools to help manage stress, anxiety, emotions, depressions, burnouts, fears and sleep in your daily life.

Discover the impact of mental preparation and fortitude, to improve your concentration and help with exams, interviews and sporting events.

Widely practiced for decades across Continental Europe as therapy for individuals. It is also used in different settings including schools, hospitals and corporate environments, sophrology is championed by many people from Olympic athletes to high-flying CEOs.


In Switzerland, sophrology is reimbursed by Swiss complementary health insurance.

Find out more about my approach, what to expect during a session and who this is for below,

as well as the price & conditions.

The powerof sophrology

My Approach

My core principal is that each person is unique and deserves a personalized approach, tailored to their needs and abilities.


My objective is to help you discover the appropriate tools to take conscience control of your life, going from a state of reactivity to proactivity.

We all have a struggles: whether it be building and sticking to good habits, changing our inner dialogue, finding the appropriate work-life balance, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, engaging in nourishing relationships or pursuing a goal, all of us could use just bit of guidance.

What to expect

What to expect

During a 1-to-1 session

A session of sophrology lasts 60-75 minutes and is practiced in alliance, starting with a dialogue and from this, the appropriate exercises will be presented and detailed in order to create the relaxation and balanced researched.

We end with free exchange of experiences and sensations that you have encountered throughout the session.


The sessions are personalised according to the request, difficulties and needs.

A daily practice, even of only a couple of minutes is recommended: It is the key to obtaining positive results as quickly and durably as possible.

Who is this for ?

Who is this for

Are you looking for change, looking to align your life path with your current desires and new objectives ? Are you seeking to enhance your personal skills and improve your daily life ?


Whether you're constantly feeling anxious or hold the vision to write a book, win a competition, desire to feel more confident and accomplished or simply want to learn how to relax and disconnect from a constant stress, sophrology is for everybody!


If one of these following statements resonates with you, reach out so that we can start collaborating on the journey towards a better future:

  • Feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

  • Fed-up of self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs

  • Need a little support

  • Lack the appropriate work-life balance

  • Need help preparing for a big event, exam or presentation

  • Struggle with various issues, such as insomnia, eating disorders, emotion management or negativity

  • Fighting against a burnout or depression or trying to get over one

  • Need guidance to pursue a new goal

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