The benefits of Sophrology

Sophrology is a real life solution and guide to true mental, physical and emotional well-being. It's the art of identifying life patterns, to recognise, question and revise your way of thinking and reacting, in order to enact lasting positive change towards a life you love. 

As a self-development practice based on easy-to-do mental and physical relaxation, breathing, gentle movement, meditation and visualisation exercises, sophrology helps you balance mind and body and feel empowered in the modern world. Thanks to exercices as well as open communication, sharing and discussions sophrology can help you deal with, stress, anxiety, preparing for a big event (exam, speech, athletic competition...), problems sleeping, letting go of negativity, phobias, emotion management, productivity...

Widely practised for decades across Continental Europe in different settings including schools, hospitals and corporate environments, sophrology is championed by many people from Olympic athletes to high-flying CEOs.

In Switzerland, sophrology is reimbursed by Swiss health insurance companies as it has been proven that people who regularly practice sophrology reduce medication intake and improve their life quality.


My Approach

A one of a kind approach, based on sophrology and inspired by mindfulness, I accompany you on your journey to build the life you envision.

The core principal is that each person is unique and deserves a holistic, all-encompassing method.

My objective is to teach you to empower your thoughts, emotions and actions, to help you develop a set of tools to grow in life and accomplish your goals. As each one of us is unique, each session will be tailored to your specific needs and abilities. In order to get the best possible results, we will take a holistic approach to tackle all aspects of life, ensuring the correct balance is implemented, allowing you to create aligned, positive change.

To do so, learn how to relax physically, which in turn induces a relaxed state of mind, enabling you to slow the constant workings of the mind and take a step back from your current situation.


Discover appropriate tools and guidance to reconnect with yourself, shedding limiting beliefs, old patterns and fears. Until the true you, the real you, can shine. 

We all have a struggles: whether it be building and sticking to good habits, changing our inner dialogue, finding the appropriate work-life balance, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, engaging in nourishing relationships or pursuing a goal, all of us could use just bit of guidance.


Join me to discover your best route to happiness and success.


Three key steps

when starting a journey to a life you love

1. Create space

Discover the art of decluttering your mind, in order to create space for lucid thoughts and aligned actions as well as finding a clear overview of the path ahead.

2. Take control

Build the capacity to consciously respond and shape your choices, rather than just reacting to life's ups and downs. Discover the keys to shifting old habits into new ones, while building a positive inner dialogue. 

3. Grow

Shift your mindset from fixed to growth and learn how to enact aligned, positive change in your daily life. Build the confidence to leave your comfort zone, while moving through any uncertainty with trust and resilience, starting your journey towards a life you love.


What to expect

During a 1-to-1 session

These sessions are a partnership, designed to refine your existing skills as well as develop new ones. This is accomplished through:

Weekly one hour 1-to-1 session via zoom

During each session we will take a moment to go over the elapsed time, exploring ups and downs, noting reactions and emotions, as well as exploring possibilities for improvement or change. ​

Exercices and "homework"

One main objective is to provide various tools to help you manage your life and keep growing. During these sessions, time is allocated to various exercises (based on sophrology), specifically tailored to your needs and abilities. Every meeting week, will  provide you with new exercices and tools to help you in your daily life. 

Continuous support

Contact is not limited to the in person sessions. You will have access to my private contact information should you feel the need or desire to reach out via message or voicemail, whether it's to share an unexpected circumstance blocking you or a new win! 


Who is this for

Are you looking for change, looking to align your life path with your current desires and new objectives ? Are you seeking to empower yourself and your action to build a new life, one that you truly love ?


Whether you're constantly feeling anxious or hold the vision to write a book, start your own business, desire to feel more confident and accomplished or simply want to learn how to relax and disconnect from a constant stress, this program is for everybody!


If one of these following statements resonates with you, reach out so that we can start collaborating on the journey towards a better future:

  • Fed-up of self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs

  • Need a little support

  • Feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

  • Lack the appropriate work-life balance

  • Need help preparing for a big event, exam or presentation

  • Struggle with various issues, such as insomnia, eating disorders, emotion management or negativity

  • Fighting against a burnout or trying to get over one

  • Need guidance to pursue a new goal